Unofficial ML10X (previously ML5X) Thread

This would depend on the ML10x’s topology as the unit is buffered throughout and it also depends which of the send or return flip-flops. The existing ML5 run backwards (as it’s TBP) would work as the send is always ‘open’ to signal and only return mutes. Reversed (out becomes in, E loop becomes A loop etc.) and the new return would work as requested.

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Say @james , any new updates?

Really just looking for a reason to build a new pedalboard :grin:


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Sorry, we’ve no updates as of yet. It’s a bit tricky to navigate this supply issue with so many out of stock parts.


Understood, and can confirm (I work for Supro/Pigtronix).
I have orders in place with 14 month lead times PLUS ocean freight (which is north of 60 days door to door).
I’ve never seen supply chain issues like this.

Best of luck to you James, hang in there.

Any chance there will be an option for an insert loop for thing like a volume pedal that are always on? Would be great to have this and place after overdrives/boost for example.

There isn’t an insert loop, but there are 10 available loops so you can just use a volume pedal in one of the loops. Do note that the send/return ports are buffered so you’ll need a low impedance volume pedal.

Any timing update by chance, James? And will you still offer the current ML5 as well when the new product is released? Ty, and very much looking forward to the new product.

Another quick question for when you have time please: Will there still be buttons to quickly press to bring each loop’s signal in or out of the path specified in the app? Or will the path have to be sent a midi massage by a controller to turn pedal signal flow on and off inside of chains? I am very much hoping buttons will still be available to press to quickly bring pedal signals into and out of signal chain. Ty!

Yes, the ML5 will still be sold. I think there’s still a market for true bypass switchers.

Regarding the ML10X updates, we’ve started assembling a small batch. Just waiting for other stuff to come (like packaging) before we start release it. Hopefully by end of the month.

Regarding the buttons, currently, no there isn’t a way to engage/bypass each loop using the device itself, but we will find a way to add that in. You’ll need to send CC messages, or use the MCx ML10X message type to do that.

In the current state of development, it is possible to create signal chains on the device itself. It is also possible to use the editor to toggle a loop on and off. You can preview the editor here: Morningstar MIDI Editor


Testing out a new feature today called Advanced mode in the Editor. Handcraft your own signal chain and explore the endless possibilities!

We’re hoping to provide some product release news soon.


So happy to see you doing this - should be dramatically less complicated compared to form-based configuration.


This advanced UI looks fantastic @james :clap:

You said previously the hardware will have only one splitter and one merger but from the example image you’ve share it looks like the signal is being split and merged numerous times. Can you help me understand how that’s feasible?

Because each input/output is buffered, we’re able to do this.

When the signal is merged, it is averaged out. The two inputs in the Output nodes sums the signals together. In simple mode, one of the inputs is used for spillover, but in advanced mode, the idea is that you just draw out what you want yourself.

You’ll need to watch out for feedback loops tho. For example, the connection below has a feedback loop because the Output from A Tip can flow back into it’s input. When this happens, you’re going to hear a whine or feedback noise.


Nice work, this is a huge development!