Unofficial ML10X (previously ML5X) Thread

Yes, we did not add pre/post gain and volume control - we tried to squeeze as much as we can into this enclosure size and target price. The ML5x is not designed to interfere with your audio, so none of that feedback stuff as well. What other specific functions are you referring to?

Well, you have splitter and re-order and summing so you have the basic MIDI-controlled series/parallel stuff without the phase and gain controls. I think that’d make a good demo just from a sales perspective, people might not think of a looper like the ML5 that way.

Looking more to the future you could see things like that Cooper FX box as almost being “apps” that live on the switcher (MC*) and are implemented in the looper (ML5x++ or whatever)


Probably goes without saying but some of the functionality of the other Cooper FX pedal launched* this week is also directly do-able from the MC* series already if one had a Saturnworks double rotary expression pedal (which i do, as it happens) in combination with the waveforms from an MC*

*demo here NEW: Cooper FX: Signal Path Selector & Exp Gen (Hyper Expression Controller) - YouTube

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Maybe it’s a long shot, but any chance of tuner integration with an MC?

sorry! no tuner function in the ml5x

Hello! I have a few questions for you:

-i am actually planning a stereo rig, and would like to take your midi controllers + this ml5x. let’s imagine that i plan a “standard” signal chain for the 5 stereo loops that i will be using as double mono loops; using the splitter to make the wet/dry circuit. i am thinking my signal chain like this:

input->loop 1l (rainbow machine)>loop 1r (phaser)>splitter>few pedals from loop 2 to loop 4>L out
--------------------------------------------------------------------------->others pedals from the loop 5------>R out

of course, i have a few questions for you:
-is there a “standard” signal chain option so this routing is present in every single preset where i want to recall this “standard” chain? (i mean to not have to redo all this signal chain in every path, or to not have to do hours of copy/paste)

  • will i have the option to get this full signal chain, but have the ability to bypass some loops without taking them off the signal chain to keep this one the same and have a really fast interaction with this looper?
    -did you put a 180° phase flip and a ground/lift for one of the outputs for a stereo amp setup?
    -also, it is still coming soon ? i would like to know everything about this device;)

keep it up, i am really getting into the analog/digital/midi experience and you are a promessing brand, with amazing ideas!

There is a MIDI implementation to engage/bypass/swap loops, so you can just have 1 preset programmed with your desired signal chain and then use CC messages to bypass/engage/swap each loop. Or use the ML5X message type in the MC3/6MKII/8 to control the ML5X loops.

No phaser inverters or ground lifts. The Output jack is stereo, so if you need to connect to 2 amps from there, then you’ll probably need to use a ABY box.

We’ll release more info once we have committed to a production schedule. Currently, we have units out for beta testing.

Okay, thank you for the fast reply! hope that the beta tests are going well:)

Do you have any plans about directly add an easy-to-use ML5X PC and CC “commands” in the MC web editor? I can’t wait to see how are you going to make these two type of devices communicating and programming together!

Maybe there is a silence mode/killswitch? it is something that i really miss on the ml5, to prepare loops in silence, tuning,…

Also, if anyone wonders about a stereo box that does phase flip and ground lift, try the Radial StageBug, it does the job perfectly :wink:


Yes, there is a mute function in the ML5X to mute the output Tip and Ring signals.

There’ll be a dedicated message type for the ML5X in the MC3/6/8 editor. You can check it out in the staging editor:

There’ll probably be more functions added.

We’ll publish the MIDI implementation in the MIDI dictionary once the product is ready

Hello - thanks for all this preliminary info! I’m kinda new to switchers like this, so I apologize if this is common knowledge, but reading through your examples, it seems to imply you could connect the tips and ring signals independently. Is that right? Could the 4 or 5 stereo loops be treated as 8 to 20 mono loops, or any mix of stereo and mono? And does that also mean the splitter and summer can go anywhere in the chain as well?


Sorry, I meant 8-10 mono loops…

I was also wondering if this would be possible…

Yes. Each tip and ring connection are treated independently. There are currently (in the beta units) 3 stereo loops (Loop A, B and C) and 2 mono loops (D and E), so a total of 8 loops.

By independently, I mean that you can wire it up (in the software) like this to get a total of 8 mono loops:
Input Tip >> Loop A Tip >> Loop A Ring >> Loop B Tip >> Loop B Ring >> Loop C Tip >> Loop C Ring >> Loop D Tip >> Loop E Tip >> Output Tip


Then, how much loops will be available ? Will it be 5 stereo loops (=10mono loops) + stereo input and output?

Very happy to know that there will be a new ML5!!!, any stimated date?, 1st quarter 2022???, 2nd?..

OKAY, I can see it in the Online Editor. Im sure this is for the beta testers but does that mean its coming soooooon???

Yes, we are currently doing some beta testing but will be revising the boards based on feedback.

Currently it is 8 mono loops (3 stereo loops A B and C, and 2 mono D and E) but we are currently exploring how we can make it 10 loops.

I don’t think we will commit to any release date yet until we are in the process of manufacturing a batch for sale. Lesson learnt from our MC6 Pro release teaser where unexpected supply issues pushed everything back.

So, are the input/return jacks input only and output/send jacks output only? Because with a stereo input and stereo output jack, three stereo loops and two mono loops, I’m counting 20 tips & rings total. That would imply you could get one mono input, a mono output, and nine mono loops in between. But maybe that’s not how the switcher works…

Hello everyone, I would like to know if the ML5X will be able to manage amp’s fxloop routing. With the ML5 I can only manage pedals in front of the amp but don’t have any control on the pedals I routed in the amp’s fxloop unfortunately

I think you could (e.g.) use loops 1 and 2 in front of the amp, use loop 3 (always on) to go to your (pre)amp and return from your (pre)amp and use loops 4 and 5 before going back to your (power)amp. Just an idea.

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