Unofficial ML10X (previously ML5X) Thread

Thought we could use a place to speculate wildly on the much anticipated ML5x!

ML5x teaser

I’ll start: Does “MIDI Matrix Switcher” - coupled with the up/down arrows and the image - imply parallel routing capabilities? I sure hope so…


Ok I’ll add some info here:

Yes, you’ll be able to do parallel routing. Basically, you have a stereo input and a stereo output, and then 8 or 10 Send/Returns in-between (its 8 or 10 right now because we might need to use 2 I/Os for something else other than send/return).

So how you’ll route it is basically by “connecting the dots”.
For example, if you have a connection like this:
Loop A (Tip) to Timeline Left
Loop A (Ring) to Timeline Right
Loop B (Tip) to Enzo In/Out

So if I have a stereo signal connected to the Input (Tip and Ring), and I want Input >> Timeline >> Output,
I can save this as a preset:

  • Input Tip >> Loop A Tip
  • Input Ring >> Loop A Ring
  • Loop A Tip >> Output Tip
  • Loop A Ring >> Output Ring

This will give me a routing signal like this:
Left: Input >> Timeline >> Output
Right: Input >> Timeline >> Output

I can also do:

  • Input Tip >> Loop A Tip
  • Input Ring >> Loop A Ring
  • Loop A Tip >> Loop B Tip
  • Loop A Ring >> Output Ring
  • Loop B Tip >> Output Tip

This will give me a routing signal like this:
Left: Input >> Timeline -------------->> Output
Right: Input >> Timeline >> Enzo >> Output

There is also an internal signal splitter and merger/summer.
So I can also do this:

  • Input Tip >> Splitter In
  • Splitter Out A >> Loop A Tip
  • Splitter Out B >> Loop A Ring
  • Loop A Tip >> Summer A
  • Loop A Ring >> Summer B
  • Summer >> Loop B Tip
  • Loop B Tip >> Output Tip

This will give me a routing signal like this:
Left: -------Mono Input >> Splitter >> Timeline----------- >> Summer >> Output
Right: ----------------------------------->> Timeline >> Enzo >> Summer


WOW! Thanks for the unexpected sneak peek! Are there plans for an ML5x Editor in the future?

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yes there will be a web-based one similar to the one for the MC


Are there any plans to include function switch control for amp channel switching? That would be amazing, too.

There are no plans for that. We really tried to cramp as much as we can inside this small box (its almost the same size as the ML5) and amp channel switching is out of scope.


That’s understandable especially with the minor variation in size but such a shame as that’s a feature I’m after. Will look at the Midi Solutions Relay. For that purpose.

I’m excited for the updated ML5!

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Hi James, what do you mean with ‘almost’? The same height would be smart and great for mounting purposes.


Here’s one that takes phantom power.

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height wise its only 8mm taller. length is 5mm longer and width is the same. hopefully it should still fit?

Unfortunately not, thanks.

Wow this look massive ! When do you think it will be buyable ? i need this so much !! :blush:

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Not soon enough! Already making space for it on my board…


This is pretty awesome. I’m currently running a Boss ES-8; the ML5x (maybe should be the ML8x or ML10x?) plus the MC8 (which I recently bought) would totally replace the ES-8 on my board–no doubt with a better editor UI than the ES-8. @james do you have a rough price point on this unit? Any ideas on expected ship dates?

Gotta say, i’m pretty excited about this! I’d do a pre-order if i could!

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Damn this sounds like it might be exactly what I’ve been after for some time.

@james you mentioned the ability to split/merge. Is it possible to do this multi times in the chain or is there a hardware limit?

Bonus question: anyway to control the gain between the connections?


We’re doing one more prototype run with some added features and hopefully that should be good to go.

No price point yet, but off the top of my head, the cost of parts is really much more then the ML5. The price of a crosspoint switching chip is :exploding_head: We should have some clarity on the total cost soon.

there’s only hardware for one merger and splitter. there are more features that we would love to add, like pre/post gain, but we’ve really reached the max space in this form factor.

trails at the output will be possible


I’m really looking forward to ML5x.

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wow. sounds crazy! I love crazy :slight_smile:

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I was watching this short video: Cooper FX Signal Path Selector: Overview and Demo - YouTube and wondering how much of that functionality would be possible with the ML5x?

given what you say about pre/post gain being probably out of the picture for this generation, perhaps not possible. But interesting to think about, if only for demo ideas / inspiration when you have it ready.