Understanding Toggle - I made a mess of it

I am struggling to really understand how to best use toggle mode / toggle preset when moving across banks.
I have an “All Off” preset. It’s in case I get in trouble and need to shut everything off. It sends CCs to all of my pedals turning them off or dis-engaging them.

I have a bank called ML5 and it has 5 presets each in Toggle Mode (I’ve tried this with a “Toggle Preset” message as well) that engage or disengage each loop of the ML5.
It works great and as I would expect it to, until I go to my “ALL OFF” preset and then return. The “ALL OFF” preset disengages all of the loops w/ a CC to “Bypass all loops” of the ML5. When I return to the ML5 bank, all of the toggle states are incorrect and I can’t find a way to correct them, outside of shutting off my board.

What am I missing? Is there a better way to do an “ALL OFF” setting?
I have “Remember Toggle States” on globally, because I don’t want toggles to reset when I leave the bank. e.g. if I have a drive in an ML5 loop turned on and I leave that bank to turn on a reverb in a different bank, I don’t want it to toggle.


you could programm your "ALL OFF’ preset with an ‘engage preset’ message that points to an unused preset in your ML5 bank. Then programm this preset with a ‘set toggle’ message to revert the ML5 presets to position 1 (set toggle/disengage).

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Hi. That is not the ideal way to toggle on/off individual loops on the ML5. We explained how you should do that here:

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