Unconventional use of ML10X, Splitting Loops

Hi. I’m wondering if it’s ok to use the inputs and outputs of a loop for different devices?
In my case I have a Gamechanger Audio Plus sustain pedal, which splits the signal into separate wet and dry paths. So it takes up one regular loop but just the input of another loop, leaving me with an unused output.
I have another ML10X nested in a loop of the first, and from this second one I’m using a loop just for the outputs, for a wet/dry/wet setup or to send a stereo signal to my daw. This leaves 2 unused inputs.

Can I connect the unused output of the first into one of the unused inputs of the second, for an extra path to route my signal between them? Even though they are different loops?

I guess it will look awkward in the editor but seems like it should work if I know which loops are going where? Not sure if I might create feedback loops or something though so wanted to check first!

This is a great use of the ML10X. Only thing to be mindful of is potential ground loops.