Trying to link Alexander Syntax error 2 to MC6

Hi all.
I have an MC6 and the light blue Morningstar midi box (as many of my midi pedals don’t have through midi).

Does anyone know how to get the Alexander Syntax Error 2 to connect with my MC6, I need the midi clock and tap (I use an aux switch as an external tap with MC6)

I’ve tried with TRS direct to MC6. I’ve tried with it at the end of my Timeline, I’ve tried it into the midi box with a TRS to and 1/8” adapter, and nothing.

I really just need midi clock, so the sequences are in time.

FYI: (I also have the Alexander Space Force and the Sugar Cube. I got the. All within about a week. I’m a huge fan. Great, original sounds ! I had a thought time getting the Space Force connected, it didn’t work with the midi box, it only worked with midi through after my Timeline. And the Sugar Cube, I’m afraid to try to connect it to the MC6)

Hi, I have an Alexander Wavelength, which requires a TS plug and midi “on tip”

Hi. Thanks so much for your reply.
So a TS plug, is that just a guitar cable ?
Also for Midi to tip does that mean I need to set this up in my MC6 for the one midi port to my Alexander?

Exactly. TS is a standart patch cable. And you’ll have to set the omniport of the MC to midi on tip. If your pedal works the same as my Wavelength, which I assume, idk for sure. Also make sure that the multijack of the Alexander is set to midi, you’ll have to look that up in the manual. If it’s set to expression it might cause damage to the mc!!