Trying to defeat dual switch bank switches

Hello all,

Been LOVING my MC3 on my travel board and my MC8 at home. But I criminally underuse the MC3. I have just one bank set up to activate/deactivate two effect blocks on my HX FX. I don’t even use the upper third button.

But at our last jam session I ran into a slight problem.

I had both those effects activated for the intro of a song and then went to turn one of them off. Instead, after I pressed the button the MC3 screen showed three “Empty” labels and both effects were “stuck” on (and these were not subtle effects. Thank goodness only my 2 buddies witnessed this).

In the heat of battle I just soldiered on and disconnected the MC3 after the song finished. When I got home I realized that I must have inadvertently hit both bottom buttons and jumped to the next bank, which is empty.

I thought I remembered that there is a setting under Controller Settings that would allow me to lock out dual button pushes. I tried activating “Dual Switch Lock” on the editor, saving settings, and restarting the MC3, but pressing the two lower buttons still switches banks.

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing or doing wrong?


I use an MC6 and not an MC3 but what you’ve done should work fine. Might be a bug @james?

Assuming you can enable dual lock (I do!) then suggest programming actions to still let you switch banks. For example, you could add a long press on C to enter Bank Change Mode.

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Thanks for bringing this up.

I just looked at the code - dual switch lock will disable bank up/down via Switch AC or BC, but yes it does not disable AB which is toggle page. I’ll fix this and add to the next v3.9.8 update.


Ah, excellent. I will look forward to the update and will attempt to be less fat-footed until then.

Thank you both for your help.

@moondog - new beta firmware posted at [Beta release] Firmware v3.9.8


Wowza, that was quick! Thanks for the heads up.

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I installed the update and it worked perfectly. No more fat foot moments for me!

Thanks James.

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