TRS to 5 pin DIN MIDI via MC8 Omni Port - Possible?

Hi, hopefully not a dumb question but is it possible to use a TRS to 5 pin DIN cable with one of the MC8’s omni-port to output MIDI to a pedal?

I was thinking something like this…

PS: yes I know there’s a dedicated 5-pin DIN output but there’s a specific pedal I’d like to avoid putting in the chain with others.

I’m shure you can. Just take care om the standard A or B used in the cable. MC8 can use both but you have to configure it.

Appreciate the reply. I’ve ordered a cable, fingers crossed.

Hi where did you order it from?

I ordered mine off eBay. There’s hundreds on there…

Just to follow up, I’ve discovered the cable I ordered doesn’t actually work, its wired up wrong, see this post.

So I’d recommend that you order a cable/adapter that’s explcitly advertised as a “type a” or “type b”, or it has a diagram that shows that its wired up in one of the configurations listed at


Someone pointing out to me that morningstar actually sell them on their web shop. So that’s probably the best place if you have any doubt…

Or… make your own if you have a soldering iron: