TRS midi causes intermittent switch behavior on CBA pedals

I recently updated my MC6 MKII to the latest firmware so that I could use the exp jacks to control my CBA pedals. I’m using exp 2 set to ring. When I plug the cable into the pedal the left footswitch on engages/disengages intermittently. No problem with the switch when the cable is not plugged in or when it is plugged in, but disconnected from the MC6.
I’ve tried with my Brothers, Condor, and Bliss Factory. They all do the same thing.
I also do have a CBA midi box and when I hook them up that way there are no problems. So the issue seems to be with the MC6. I’ve tried different cables, rebooting everything, changing midi channels, etc. with no luck.
Anyone ever run into this?

I think some of the CBA devices requires the Tip to be totally disconnected, which is what we can’t do via this software update (it works fine with our Tonal Recall though). What you can do is just modify your cable to disconnect the Tip connection.

Ah! Thank you! This was driving me nuts. Got some help from Paul at CBA too. I clipped the lead to the tip and it’s working now.

This thread saved me from a lot of head scratching.
MC6 MKII to Strymon Conduit to Chase Bliss Brothers.
Left button was behaving oddly until I disconnected the tip on my TRS cable.

I use the Omniports from MC8 and MC6 Pro with CB pedals and standard TRS cables. I am very happy that I never had this issue, I really wonder what makes the difference? I used:

Condor, Bliss Factory, Gravitas, Tonal Recall incl. RKM, Spectre, Ayahuasca, Brothers, Gen Loss MKI and MKII, Habit, Mood MKI and MKII, Blooper, Thermae

I even use simple headphone splitters to connect four CB pedals to one Omniport🤷‍♂️