TRS / midi cables all the same?

So I tried using several regular TRS cable’s to control the Iridium from the MC8, and had lots of high-end noise. Are all TRS cables made the same or is the Omniport TRS midi cable made differently? I’d like to control my other Strymon pedals with the Omniport TRS jacks on the MC8.

BTW- when I went back to the “Strymon” TRS-Midi cable all my noise issues disappeared.

What is the high end noise like? Is it like clicking sounds that happens each time you send a MIDI message?

It doesn’t really matter what TRS cables you use to connect the omniport to your devices. According to specifications, the MIDI receiving device should be completely isolated from the MIDI sending controller.

Hi- On a straight TRS cable the noise is almost like feedback, and changes when I try to change a setting- but a high-pitched tone. When I use the Strymon Midi Exp Cable to the Iridium it just works, but then I’m using Midi out to the TRS jack in on the Iridium.

I’m not sure if possible on your TRS cable, but cutting the ground on the TRS cable might help.

Thanks James! How about just using a regular 1/4" guitar TS cable-? I haven’t tried it yet but I will.

A TS cable won’t work as MIDI needs 3 contact points, and in the specifications it uses TRS

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TY James- wishful thinking i guess lol…

Assuming you tried another TRS cable to eliminate a bad cable, are you sure you had the EXP/MIDI jack mode set to MIDI on the Iridium?

EDIT: Oops! I just noticed you said it was working OK when you returned to using the Strymon TRS/MIDI cable which means you must have had the jack mode set correctly on the Iridium. So, what was the issue? A bad TRS cable?

Once I ordered a new TRS cable and set the outputs to midi for the Omniport, it all worked ok, I now have the Iridium being changed with a TRS cable from port 1 on the MC-8.

i’m going to piggyback off of this question as I’m new to this 1/4" midi cable spec. I’m about to take delivery of an MC8. I have a few 5 pin pedals to deal with no problem with that.

I also have a Chase Bliss Brothers and a Jackson Bloom v2:

  1. am i to understand from above that a 1/4" TRS male to 1/4" TRS male cable will provide the necessary MIDI connectivity from the MC8 to these 2 pedal brands?

  2. If so, does anyone have recommend a good source for such cables with low profile right angle format?


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Hopefully you found the right cables by now :slight_smile: If not, this is what I use for those pedals: Rockboard Flat TRS Cable 60 cm BK – Musikhaus Thomann

I just posted a similar problem re: high pitched noise, and my solutions! Maybe it will help others?

Did you end up using a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS from your MC8 to your Jackson pedal?