Troubleshooting MIDI jack

I have a recurring issue with my MC6 Pro where my board isn’t receiving MIDI when I get to rehearsal and plug everything in. Unplugging the cable from the MIDI Out and reinserting it firmly seems to be the thing that fixes the issue. I’ve already swapped the cable for a new one, so pretty sure it’s not the cable at fault. I’m wondering if it could be a software thing though - like maybe the MC6 Pro needs to be powered on before the MIDI cable is plugged in before things start talking correctly? It’s going straight into the ML10X on my board. What would you suggest trying to rule out the actual hardware itself being at fault?

Does this happen every time the board is powered up, or randomly?

Seems random - once I get a good connection it works for the whole gig.

Usually when it’s intermittent it’s almost always a cable issue, though you said you’ve tried a new cable. We’ve never had any issue with the hardware for the MIDI ports before. The next time it happens, can you try unplugging it from the ML10X side and let us know if it resolves? Or instead of unplugging, just wriggle the connector to try and get a more secure fit. This will help us understand what the issue might be

I may have figured it out, and it’s a weird thing - it is actually possible to plug the MIDI cable in the wrong orientation. The plug is keyed to prevent that, but it seems like there is enough space that if you’re not paying attention, you can plug the MIDI cable in sideways - and it will still work, as long as the connection is solid! Since I’m reaching behind the controller to plug it in, I think I was accidentally plugging it in sideways and just not making a full connection. Going to pay more attention to that and see if that turns out to be the issue all along.