Troubleshooting MC8 Select Expression Message to choose from among 3 expression destinations

Hi All, Please help me troubleshooting my MC8 Select Expression Message to choose from among 3 expression destinations, rather than have all three active at the same time. I have watched the three Morningstar videos on expression pedals, including the Select Expression Message video. My setup is not doing what that video says it should be doing. What’s in it for you? I have a fun live looping pedal board for fiddle & mandolin. Please do check out in my troubleshooting walkthrough video here


In my case, I want to use my single expression pedal to:

  1. Use my Boss EQ200 for input volume control
  2. Adjust playback of my 2-track RC-500 looper
  3. Adjust blend and decay controls on my GFI Specular Tempus

I will also upload screenshots of Morningstar Editor, if the Forum’s editor will let me.


In your Bank2 Preset D, it shows that Exp1 is selected for the Select Exp Message command, but it seems like in your controller settings, Omniport 1 is not set to Exp and it is set to MIDI Out instead.

You might just need to update your Select Exp Message command to reflect the port which the expression pedal is connected to.

Hi James,

Great news, I updated the expression input, and immediately both the Specular Tempus & the Boss looper worked as I want them to. Thanks for your help on this!

It seems like the Boss EQ200, to be used as an input gain control via the expression pedal, is a different issue. It is not responding to midi commands. Here’s my problem-solving decision-tree.

  1. It’s a basic equipment issue . I tested this by running my dunlop mini expression pedal out of the aux jack, into the EQ-200’s CTL 1,2/EXP jack. It immediately controlled volume perfectly. So it seems like we are talking about a midi issue of some kind.

  2. It’s a cable or adapter issue . On the cable side of things, the midi cable is a Boss BCC1-3535, with the label right on the cable, so I am thinking there is not a swapped pin issue here. I am using a 3rd party 1/8” to 1/4” adapter to access omniport 3. I thought the adapter might be the culprit, but I swapped one of my other adapters (the one I use for the looper volume control via expression), and I got the same no-response response out of omniport 3 to the EQ- 200. While we are at it, I also checked that the other end was plugged into the midi in of the EQ-200, and that it was fully plugged in.

  3. It’s a config issue on the EQ-200 side, or it’s a config issue on the Morningstar editor side . I did my manual diving. I’ve set the unit’s Midi Receive to channel 5, and I’ve set the editor to channel 5 as well (find screen shots attached). I’ve tried adjusting a bunch of the switches on the unit, and nothing has changed yet at the expression pedal. EXP CC (Expression CC) has 3 options: off, 1-31, & 64-95. I tried both 16 and 64, updating at the Morningstar editor side each time. No change, no response. BTW, volume is the only thing controllable via expression on this unit.

To cover all bases, here are my EQ200 midi settings:

Receive channel = 5

Transmit channel = RX (Receive)

Program change in = on

Program change out = on

Control change in = on

Control change out = on

SW control change = 28

Memory CC = 82

CTL1 CC = 80

CTL2 CC = 81

EXP CC = 64

EFX SW CC = 27

Midi Thru = On

I’ve replied to your email with screen shots from the Morningstar editor. Let me know if you don’t get them.

Thanks James!!!


It looks like you still need my Morningstar Editor screen shots. Here they are. The last one, preset 2B is the one directed toward input volume on the Boss EQ200:

I see you have Expression 1 selected on a few of these presets, yet have Expression Port 1 set to MIDI OUT. Could this be the problem?


Thx Quasar. Well, I just experimented a bit. The troublesome preset (2B, trying to control Boss EQ200 CC = 64 for volume) was on expression port 1, while the other two presets are on expression port 2. The other two presets are working correctly, so I reviewed which settings were working for the other two. I changed preset 2B to expression port 2, but am still getting no response at all from the EQ200. I also changed the message type from Control Change to Select Expression Message. The non-working preset 2B now matches the other two working presets. Each time I saved. I did not unplug the usb on the MC8. I’m still stumped. I would expect this behavior if the midi channels or the CCs were mismatched, but they match. The midi receive channel on the EQ200 = 5, and the midi channel for expression preset 3 = 5 as well, just as it shows in my screen shot. Similarly, the CC = 64 on expression preset 3, and Expression CC on EQ200 = 64. I keep wondering if the eq pedal has to be switched on, or if on or the other of the two eqs on this pedal must be engaged, but I can’t find anything that specifies this. The instructions are actually pretty simple. Nothing I manipulate changes anything. Any ideas?

In 2B I’d cut Message 1
copy and paste Message 2 but with no message selected
then set toggle mode on and assign 1 and 2 to the messages.
also note that Exp message 3 is cc16?

Thx for giving it a shot, Roscius (Like from Hamlet? My band–bluegrass–is Pickers & Stealers :-). First, good catch on Exp message 3. I did change that to 64, but didn’t mention it in my description. Re “copy and paste Message 2…” I’m not sure which message 2 you are referring to. From the expression pedal messages? Presets 2b, 2c, &2d all only have one preset. Preset 2a has two messages, but they are routing the looper volume, press & release respectively, using expression pedal message 2. Are we talking about the same things? Part of this is that I’m still new to this language, so I may be misunderstanding from ignorance of normal processes. Thanks again for trying! --Adam

Message 2 in Preset 2B
Which is selecting the Exp Message.
If you create the same Select Exp Message but with no Exp Message selected.
You can then Toggle that Exp on and off. with eg.Toggle name - Vol Exp Off
I also use the Blink so I can see which are on
Is that what you’re trying to do?
Did you try clearing Message 1 in 2B?
I would think they are clashing.
Message 1 would set the Volume CC64 to where ever Exp1 is currently set when you press 2B
Message 2 giving Exp 2 control of CC64.

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