Trouble with 'release' actions when paired with 'toggle preset'

I’ve encountered an issue with ‘release’ actions when paired with ‘toggle preset’ messages.
Apparently a ‘release’ + ‘toggle preset’ set to position 1 will trigger messages which also have been assigned with a ‘release’ action set to position 2 after the position has been changed from 1 to 2.

From my user perspective this behaviour is counter intuitive. I believe an action which is bound to a position shouldn’t trigger any actions of the same type in another position when only performed once. However if the current behaviour is indeed intended, I’d love to be able to change that behaviour, maybe a slider could be added to ‘toggle preset’ messages that marks that message as the last to be executed. Something like a ‘full stop’.

Here is an example of a preset where I’ve had to reorder the messages (4 and 5) in order to get to the intended behavior of that preset, in a way that isn’t exactly obvious.

This is the intended behaviour:
Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup_Drive_Boost working_20240705_135346.json (89.0 KB)

In this example it is failing.
Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup_Drive_Boost failing_20240705_135355.json (89.0 KB)

Thanks for bringing this up.

The messages are all executed sequentially i.e from msg 1 to msg 32. So for the Set Toggle messages, the preset is toggled immediately when the Set Toggle message executes, and not at the end of the execution cycle.

Basic example:

All messages 1, 2 and 3 will execute (note that Msg3 is in Pos 2).

Yes, maybe we can add an additional parameter in the Set Toggle/Toggle Preset messages to make them execute only at the end of the cycle. I’ve added it to our Trello board to check.