Triggering Pads on Roland SPD SX via MIDI Notes with MC06 Mk2

Hi there, I am trying to use MIDI Notes to trigger a specific pad on the Roland SPD SX (not pro!). I have set the MIDI Notes accordingly as well as the MIDI Channel both in the Morningstar MC06 as well as in the Roland SPD SX settings. Still no sucess. Anyone having some experience with this?

Help would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome! Here’s a couple of things to check:

And: is the editor’s MIDI Monitor showing the expected MIDI data going out of the MC?

Thanks a lot, this was very useful In fact, that was one half of the solution! The other half was a mix of a few things, which I will list here in case anyone wants to achieve the same.

My idea was to use the Morningstar (in my case MC06 Mk2) to trigger samples and/or clicktracks stored on the Roland SPD-SX (assigend to pads in a particular kit). I works fine with sending MIDI notes:

For that, I first assigend a MIDI Note to each pad. Here’s a link to how this works:

You could also use the preset MIDI Notes decribed here:

Velocity needs to be 127.

For some reason, it only worked with toggle mode set to “both”.

Excellent! Toggle mode is only useful if you want something different to happen with alternate presses of the same switch. Typically switching a guitar pedal on and off again using the same switch. Sounds like “Both” is right in this situation