Trigger preset toggle with toe/heel down

Hey Folks,
Any help is appreciated.
I’m running an MC8. Both the MC8 and the Editor are on the latest version.
I have a preset to control my looper.
The toe down position on my expression pedal toggles record/play on my looper pedal with toggle CC and toe down messages.
I want to trigger the toggle preset when the toe down runs but I’m not able to find a way to accomplish​ this. Usually, I would trigger with ‘On Disengage’ but when the preset jumps to the expression pedal, it’s not technically disengaging.
Any workarounds would be very appreciated.

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Do you mean you want to toggle a preset (for example, Preset A), when you do a toe/heel down on the expression pedal? If so, that is not possible yet

Hey James.
Yah, that’s what I’m hoping to do.
No worries and thanks for the quick response!