Trigger Messages Expansion Request

I am still getting to know my new MC6 Pro and the Morningstar editor and love it so far! I’m wondering if this request would be in the pipeline, or if anyone knows of a work around to achieve the same effect:

The “Trigger Messages” description in the Message Type List states,

“Only the message parameters are inherited (the Toggle Pos and Action parameters are not). The selected messages will be triggered regardless of action or toggle position.”

and I’m wondering if the option to have Toggle Position and Action parameters inherited will be available in the future?

Or…if there is a workaround for the following:
Preset A: Clean w/ Flanger, preset defaults to slow rate
Preset B: Dist w/ Detune effect (same pedal providing Flanger)

Preset D: Toggle Flanger rate, Pos 1 = Slow, Pos 2 = Fast

My problem is, when switching back to the clean preset from the distorted preset, my flanger will default to the slow rate. I’ve tried using the “Trigger Messages” command to resend my CC on Preset D, but as the manual states, toggle and action positions do not affect “Trigger Messages”. Ultimately on this preset I will likely just use an expression pedal in the end, but I’m curious if anyone has found a way around this using a preset switch as a persistent rate toggle.

Thank you!

Hi! Can you not use “Engage Preset” instead?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion! When using “Engage Preset” it winds up toggling the rate switch in addition to sending the CC message, so in this case it ends up in the opposite state I was hoping for, unless I’m doing it wrong :crazy_face:

I’ve added an expression pedal into the mix which is controlling the rate via subdivision parameter of the flanger, then it’s a simple matter of adding an extra CC message on my “Clean” Preset A and selecting the “Use Value from Expression” option, this seems to read my expression pedal on engaging the preset! Still curious if there’s a seamless way to do this without the expression pedal, maybe that solution will come in a later firmware update!