Transport controls being filtered out after updating to 3.8

Hi James!

I updated to 3.8 a couple weeks ago and im just getting around to using it and i’m excited for the new features!

it seems after updating firmware the transport controls being sent from ableton are not passing through to my devices in the midi chain following the MC8. I’ve confirmed this by plugging the 5pin connecter directly into my looper for example and the transport fires right up. Clock seems to be passing now but in a different way following the addition of the BPM being displayed on the MC8.

any clues or pointers as to what might have changed?

many thanks,

EDIT: midi is coming in directly via traditional 5-pin (non-USB) midi cables from Focusrite interface. never had any issues prior to updating MC*


Is your cross MIDI Thru setting in the Controller Settings turned on? That controls the MIDI Flow from Din 5 to USB and vice versa.

I’ve tried it both on and off. However. I’m not using USB for anything. All midi in and out is over DIN connection.

Edit to add. I’ve experienced the transport functions being filtered out both with laptop/interface sending midi from ableton and from my Elektron Digitakt/Analog 4 combo.

In both instances transport would pass through to engage playback on various devices on pedal board when bypassing the MC8 bit would not when first passing through the morning star.

AFAIK (and I programmed it haha), there are no changes to what is being allowed to send from USB MIDI IN to 5 PIN MIDI Out. Only certain MIDI messages are supported from USB MIDI to 5 Pin MIDI (CC, PC, Note, SysEx, Pitch Change, After Touch), but this was already in the earlier firmwares. The only change was splitting the Cross MIDI Thru setting from the MIDI Thru setting (previously, turning MIDI Thru On would allow the flow of messages from 5 Pin MIDI IN to 5 Pin MIDI Out and USB MIDI).

If you upgraded from v3.6, there might be a need to check your MIDI device setting in Ableton as we updated the USB Vendor and Product ID for the device, so your computer might be reading it as a new device being plugged in.

I’m not using USB midi at all. Just purely 5-pin DIN midi out of the interface. Prior to firmware 3.8 update when I would hit Play/start/stop in Ableton these transport messages would pass through my MC8 to my pigtronix looper or whatever other device responds to Transport messages that was down the signal path.

I do experience a midi tempo that passes through and displays on the unit in conjunction with Ableton but no devices that come after the MC8 in the chain receive any of the transport messages

Just to confirm, what is the MIDI flow like? I thought the connection was

Ableton >> MC8 >> your other 5 Pin MIDI devices

but as you mentioned no USB MIDI at all,

is there a USB interface between Ableton and MC8?

If you’re talking to transport messages like this: MIDI Machine Control - Wikipedia
It should be supported already (its just sysex messages). I can test it again

Hi James,

Yes. No usb midi.

I’ve tried both of these

Focusrite 18i8 DIN5 out > Morningstar> pedal board

And also Digitakt DIN5 out > morning star > pedalboard

And by transport I just mean Play/Stop from within
Ableton or one my many sequencers ala the digitakt

The issue is repeated in both scenarios. When bypassing the MC8 directly to next in chain my looping devices respond to transport but when adding its into the chain only tempo passes and no Transport.

I just released v3.8.3, can you give it a go and see if the issue still persists?

If so, do drop us an email and we’ll try to sort it out with a custom firmware to see if it fixes the issue.

I’ll give it a go tomorrow.


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Hi, James

3.8.3 Doesn’t seem to have helped my issue at all