Total Noob first steps with Midi

Hi there
I’m new both to the forum & to Midi. So I hope I can ask questions while making sense.

I just got the MC6 and really want to learn Midi so have just started trying to build my first bank, I didn’t want to run before I can walk so I have started small. I can normally work things out myself so have been reading your forum & its great, I feel ok actually asking questions without getting a sarcastic answer like on other forums, so good work guys!!!.

I don’t want to just have someone solve my issues for me, I’d like to understand where I went wrong and how I can solve my own issues. So I guess I will be asking more questions as I go along.

The only pedal I have at the moment that is Midi capable is a Strymon Timeline so I just wanted to play with it and see what I could make.

With the 6 foot switches I wanted to just try to have A as the switch A on the Timeline and the same with footswitch B.
After a bit of scratching my head I’ve managed to do it but I’m a little confused because when I hit A on the MC6 it does in fact switch on A but it also jumps to another bank on the MC6.

Can someone please explain where I’m going wrong?. I feel a bit dumb asking such a silly question on my first attempt but I have never used midi before so it’s all new to me.

All I want to do is hit switch A for on and again for off !
I’ve included a screen shot of my patch to see what I have done.

Thanks for your time in reading my question.

there are three options to perform a bank jump on the mc6. Either you press two buttons at once (A+B for bank down) or you programm a patch with a ‘bank jump’ action. The third option, and that might likely be the issue in this case, is to send a midi message to the mc. Did you connect the midi out of the Timeline to the midi in of the mc? If so unplug the connection and try again.

Just curious, are you trying to bypass the pedal/turn off the effects? If so, put preset A in toggle mode and use whatever action (press, release, etc) with a CC# 102. On Value 1-127 / off value 0. Since you will be toggling from on to off, don’t forget to select pos:1 for on and pos: 2 for off, or vice versa.

Hi guys
Wow you caught me off guard answering so quickly.
Im not at home until later on this evening. So will look into both your advice. Thanks so much for this i really appreciate it.

So im not ignoring your responses, i just cant check until i get back.

HI there

Sorry I’ve not been back to answer properly. Had some issues and have not had the time to come back & check my set up. Life sometimes gets in the way.

Ok so I have checked the above advice. The cables are connected up correctly. If I swap them over the Timeline doesn’t respond at all to the MC6 so I know that isn’t the issue. But it is something I will always keep in mind in the future.

Crash All I was trying to do is Switch A to do what the switch A on the timeline does. one press turns it on & a second press turns it back off again.
The CC messages for Bypass is from the Timeline manual but I’m a little confused why I’d use bypass instead of an off message. Sorry to sound dumb (because with MIDI I am). So if you could please explain I’d really appreciate your knowledge on this

I’ve just loaded up the bank I created and this is how it behaves:
when I turn on switch A it turns on the A on the timeline but it then jumps the MC6 to bank 2 so then I have to press Switch A+B to bank down. but when I press A again it switches A back off which is what I was wanting it to do.
The exact same thing happens with Switch B .

As I’m totally new to this I cant think what I’m doing wrong

It sounds like you’ve connected midi out on the MC to midi in on the timeline, and connected midi out on the timeline to midi in on the MC.

All you need for the MC to control the timeline is one cable from midi out on the mc to midi in on the timeline.

Aww wow.
Now i feel dumb. Thanks for this. I thought you needed two cables to make midi work.

Will do this later today and report back.

Sorry for asking such stupid questions. Im determined to learn this stuff but overwhelmed with all the info out there.

Thanks loads for your help

@Fumps - in case it helps, been promising myself I’d do this for a long time. I’ve written a how to on preset engage / bypass toggle, in the hope that it’s useful for anyone starting out. Or anyone, really :slight_smile:

Hi Moley
Yes please. Sometimes even the terminology is confusing to someone like me.

Any beginners guides are welcome.

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Well, make a mug of tea, click the above link and have a read! Hope it helps…