Total Beginner with Setup

Just got an MC8 and ML5 …

I’m new to Midi. As a neophyte, the manual needs loads of user-friendliness. It seems to assume a certain level of skill with setting up for dummies. The videos are not helpful for my level of knowledge.

There needs to be a quick state guide with various scenarios. I want to use the two units to control my pedalboard (I play guitar). I’ll set up five analog pedals in the ML 5 and, for now, set up the MC8 to control my Strymon Timeline and Eventide H9. I have a Chase Bliss Pedal but I think I’ll begin with the two above.

That being said, there’s nothing in the two manuals that address how to set up a rig as mentioned above. Can you point me to something to help me?

For example, my MC8 needs updating. I have a fast pc with the latest Chrome browser. I downloaded the latest version but in trying to install the software, there’s issues popping up. When I click on the install and hit upload, I get a window with folders but no file name in the file name slot. I looked for .hex but nowhere to be found. Following the manual, step by step, doesn’t work.

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Hi! Ok let’s tackle the firmware update first. What issues are you having with the firmware update? We do have a video here which goes through the update process:

I watched that. See my screen video. When I get to the step after upload, I get a window that has no file name in it. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. The MS 8 is plugged in via USB.
Downloads _ Morningstar Engineering - Google Ch…

I do not have access to the file you shared. Can you paste a screenshot here? You can just take a screenshot and Ctrl+V, and that should do.

Did you download the the latest firmware for the device here?

The first thing I attempted is to update the firmware. I select the firmware file … 64 Window version … download the zip … open the zip in my downloads, get the horizontal screen that has upload. I hit upload and get the following screen …

Ok thats correct. So the firmware updater is tell you to select the hex file that you should have downloaded, which is available from the link I provided earlier: Release Firmware v3.7.4 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

Here’s the direct link to download the file:

After downloading, just select the file (probably from your Downloads folder) when the window opens and it should auto upload

That worked! The unclear step was downloading the .hex file and uploading it into the MC8 in the last step. When I downloaded the .hex, I tried to install it in my computer rather than the MC8. Of course, it wouldn’t install! I may be back with more questions … $$$$$ lol

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Final update question. I uploaded 3.7.4 with the link you sent. Does this mean that I shouldn’t update with the 3.8 beta yet?

Thanks for the update!

Beta firmwares always have the latest features but not fully tested yet so expect bugs here and there, usually nothing major.