Toggling two presets...what am I doing wrong?

I’m setting up my MC8 for control of my new Boss RC600 looper.

I’m using two presets for on/off control of two separate effects (chorus and distortion). B is Distortion, C is Chorus.

I want these effects to be exclusive of each other; when I turn on Distortion, I want Chorus to switch OFF. And same in the other direction; Chorus on = Distortion off. Basically toggling between two effects, each with their own switch.

I can’t get the “off” message to send. I’ve tried several methods. I’ve got the effects themselves working fine from the MC8. But I can get the “ON” of one effect to trigger the “OFF” of the other. I’ve tried through CC messages (each effect is on a different CC#) and by using the “Trigger Messages” function and “Engage Preset” functions. Nothing is letting me turn off one effect when the other is turned on automatically.

I know it’s an MC8 thing, because the Toggle Name stays on. Hitting switch C does nothing to affect preset B.


Have a read of this… Change presets and enable/disable them at the same time - #13 by moley6knipe - my post #13

I appreciate the reply. I’m not sure that’s the approach I need. I’m convinced that something is getting lost in the MC8 itself, and the message isn’t being sent correctly. I’ll try to clarify.

Bank 1, Preset B toggles distortion on/off. Regular name is “Dist”, toggle name is “DIST ON” with blink.
Bank 1, Preset C toggles chorus on/off. Reglular name is “Chorus”, toggle name is CHORUS ON" with blink.

Preset B sends Control Change on CC# 2, values 1 and 127
Preset C sends Control Change on CC# 3, values 1 and 127

All of this works perfectly.

I want to have these presets be exclusive of each other. When Chorus is ON, Distortion is OFF and vice versa.

Let’s say distortion (B) is ON, and the display blinks “DIST ON”. When I hit the Chorus (C) switch, it now blinks “CHORUS ON”, but nothing happens to the “DIST ON” preset, and now both effects are on and the MC8 displays that they are both on with “DIST ON” and “CHORUS ON” and blinking.

I’ve tried every way I can see to accomplish this and nothing is working. Am I assuming this should be simpler than it is?

Yeah - you need to add a toggle message like in my link…


Set preset b to disengage toggle c, and set preset c to disengage toggle B

Ok - that helped the display issue, but the actual triggering still isn’t happening correctly.

If I have Preset C on (CHORUS) and hit Preset B (DIST), both FX stay on.

Ah!! Right, it’s the Boss that’s doing the distortion and chorus, I understand.

I don’t use any Boss stuff but I understand their midi implementation is…. Challenging. I guess that, if you can control these functions via MIDI, then the answer is in - for sure the MC can send any midi you can think of, it’s finding exactly what the boss needs to receive that’s the problem here.

But exactly how to do that, don’t know. Suggest posting screenshots of what you’ve got so far, there are other Boss users on here who might be able to help!

I guess you’ve used MIDI monitor in the editor to verify that the MC is sending the midi you expect?

I’m not using the midi monitor; is that available in the desktop (Mac) app?

The frustration really is this: I can get these FX to toggle on and off individually. Works fine.

Can’t I use the “on” message from one preset to trigger the “off” message of another, thus accomplishing what I’m trying to do? I see multiple ways of doing this in the Morningstar editor, yet none of the methods are working.

I’ve been through the Boss documentation a hundred times, and yes, their MIDI guide is lacking at best; they basically just tell you what you CAN do, but not HOW.

So suggest using Chrome and instead of the app. On there is a function called MIDI monitor.

In editor settings, set “Load Preset Data into Editor using Switch Press” to disabled:

Click MIDI monitor and then when you press switches on the MC you’ll see the MIDI that’s being sent to the boss.

Please post screenshots of your preset B and C. My guess is because they work individually, you’re right… there is something “wrong” with the MC presets. Screenshots needed!

I truly appreciate the help. I’ve got a lot going on the next few days, so it might take me a while, but I will take your advice and post screenshots if I can’t get it sorted out. Thanks!

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I think you are using the wrong command.
Try the “engage preset” message.

“Set Toggle” will only have an effect on the toggle state of the preset, it won’t actually send any messages. But since you have already programmed the toggle positions you could also do this:

I’m nearly certain I’ve tried both of these; Engage Preset and through direct MIDI message and neither one worked.

I still haven’t had to time to get back to it and try again. I will post my results when I do. Thanks!

I think what you are trying to do is have the selected preset execute using Set Toggle, which does not work. The Set Toggle only sets the toggle position of the selected presets. To engage the preset, you’ll need to use the Engage Preset message type.

BUT, there is a bug related to engaging presets in the same bank in v3.9.7. We have fixed it and will be publishing the v3.9.8 soon with bug fixes.

I’ll just attached the firmware with the fix here so you can start using it:
2022-02-14_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_7.hex (558.9 KB)
2022-02-14_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_7A_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (555.8 KB)

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Would this hex work on an MC6? I have a similar problem there.

Even if the engage preset function is bugged, sending the midi message directly should work. I do not own a rc600 but several other boss devices. I have to send two messages for some functions to work consistently. For example if I want to engage an effect of the dd 500 I have to send a cc value 0 and a cc value 127 right after that in order to execute this. Source mode for the assign on the dd has to be set to momentary. If I just send one value at a time I have to tap the button twice to execute the command. This is also true for some other boss pedals, like md500 and rc 500. Also If the mc8 is in looper mode you might have to add a short delay between the messages.

Welcome @TonyLobster ! No, don’t try an MC8 firmware on an MC6 or vice versa…. You’ll be unscrewing the back looking for the “panic reset” button!!

Would be nice if there was a version check on the binary.

I assume there is a checksum already in place

@moley6knipe Thanks for that :rofl:

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I used this setup to independently toggle between two delay presets. Toggle mode off.

Just to update, I have been able to get this working properly. I think all it took was a reversal of the CC values sent (0 and 127). All the help is much appreciated!!

Ian - I have been trying to do the same thing as yourself, using the Boss GT1000 Core. I have a delay block in the GT I can switch on and off using my MC6 (preset E), but when I first engage that button, it does not switch the previously selected preset (D or F) back to its default setting. I’ve used the “Set Toggle” function to ‘disengage toggle’ on all 3 of these presets. It works fine when I go from Preset D to F (these use Program Change messages to select two different settings on my midi-enabled amp) but not when I go from E to D or E to F and vice versa. Switching CC message order hasn’t worked for me…I have the beta firmware 3.9.8 dated 22-4-4 installed.