Toggling on / off a loop with the ML5?

Just switched over to a Morning Star setup (MC8 & ML5) from the Boss ES-8 and as I’m programming things, I’m hoping there’s a way to toggle loops on / off kind of like the bypass mode of ES-8?

My use case:

  • Send PC1 to turn on loop A. Can loop A then stay on until you send PC1 again to turn it off? I’d like to turn on loop A and then be able to add in another loop a la carte without affecting what is already on and without this being a planned out multi-loop preset?

Is that possible? A way to toggle a loop on / off so that you can send MIDI to just add in something on top of what you already have? I can do this with my MIDI devices that live outside of the ML5 via the MIDI on/off toggle, turn it on, then add more without turning it off.

Any and all guidance is more than appreciated. Loving the simplicity of this stuff!

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May have found my answer just now, but have to head out…will verify later on when I have some more time, but apparently saw this in the manual…

PC Toggle

The ML5 can be set to toggle between bypass and active by sending a PC message that engages the currently active loops. For example, if

loops A, B, and C are active, and if you send a PC message that is set to engage loops A, B and C, those loops will bypass instead. By default,

this setting is disabled.

To toggle between this setting, hold down

before powering up. The LEARN LED should blink to acknowledge the setting.

Also noticed that sending CCs seems to do this as well. Guess I shoulda RTFM before posting…I’ll verify that this does what I need for others who search for this and find my question

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I can confirm that this is easily accomplished!!!

All I had to do was RTFM…Control Changes 0 - 5 are set up to handle this by default. Setting the Pos to 1 and Pos 2 for the 2 values and Toggle Mode to on and BAM, mission accomplished!!!

Mark this one closed. What an amazing integration. I’m super pumped by the flexibility offered with the Morning Star gear. Paint me impressed!!!


Could you explain to me what is RTFM please?

read tthe effing manual = RTFM

learning something new every day


Didn’t want to open a new thread for a question in the same vein…
Is it possible to have a preset (let’s say A+B+D) on PC#1 and only toggle loop E with the CC#10?
So instead of set up two presets (A+B+D and A+B+D+E) and toggle between them, I want to make loop E an on/off-toggle-loops to add to different presets. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. If you send PC#1 and A+B+D turns on, if you just want to toggle E On and Off after, you just need to send CC#10 (any value) to toggle E on and off, with A+B+D still on.

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Awesome. Thanks for your quick reply