Toggle switch issue

I use MC6 MK2 to switch tones on Zoom G3X via USB to Midi Host.
I use toggle switch.
Everytime I go back to a patch using toggle switch it toggles which is not what I want:
On Patch 1A I have 2 sound presets to toggle inbetween. Working fine.
But when I switch to 1B, then back to 1A it should always go back to toggle position 1. Yet it always switches.

Is this not achievable with togglle switch?

Should I rather use the double press?
It would be a pity because I use the double press togo to a third tone on 1A…

Welcome! Sounds like you need to disable ‘Clear Preset Toggles’ for the bank:…951910401.html#MIDIEditorManual(v1.3-ClearPresetToggles

Ah wait: are you doing this all on the same MC footswitch? If so and you’re using double tap you’ll need to make sure all of your actions can co-exist happily, have a read of:

ah ok thx!looks confusing but i’ll try