Toggle question (HX Stomp related)

use case:
HX stomp - looking to toggle between a delay patch and a reverb patch.

for simplicity sake let’s call delay patch = D and reverb patch = P

  • I’d like to click on D and if I click D again it’s off…but if I click on D, and then click R, HX stomp stays engaged/on but switches to the R preset.
    If I click R again, everything goes off, but if I click D again, it toggles D preset and remains on.

In essence, I need the ability to toggle on/off if I click the same button only, but if I click a different button, just switch the preset. The only way to
turn the effect off would be a 2nd click on the last clicked button. Kind of like a conditional toggle??? This would be similar to toggle mode if I click the same button again, but if I click a different button, then toggle is reset to be on that button and if I click back it just resets the preset and the toggle. Is this possible? Does this make sense?

I think this should do what’s described, unless I’ve misunderstood!

Preset ‘Delay’ (G in this example)…

Preset ‘Reverb’ (H)…

Bank settings:

that left everything on and preset names blinking when I toggled.

Perhaps I should add, the way I’m setting the presets is via MIDI, but I’m engaging via an ML-10 mono loop.

So I click on Delay and the loop is engaged and preset set via MIDI…I click Reverb and ML-10 should stay engaged but preset switches to reverb.

If I click Reverb again, the ML-10 should disengage the loop…whereas if I went back to Delay, it would just change the preset. I feel like this should be possible. As a last resort, I can just use double taps for off.

Any thoughts here?

Looking for a way to control the HX stomp…toggle between presets via MIDI but if I click on the same preset a second time turn it off.

use case - put on HX stomp delay via MC8 preset midi/ml10 loop…toggle HX stomp reverb via MC8 preset - HX stomp stays engaged via ML10, preset changes…toggle HX stomp delay via MC8 preset - HX stomp stays engaged via ML10, preset changes…

can do this all day long until you click the same preset you are on…if that preset is selected again, the ML10 loop is disengaged

If you need to alter the toggle positions of a preset when you engage another preset then you should use the Set Toggle messages like @moley6knipe mentioned. More info here: Blink only the last engaged Preset

It’s hard to envision the requirement based on your description though. Maybe share your bank file on what you have now and let us know what presets to look at?