Toggle Presets Carry Over to Other Banks?

Currently I use switch A, B, and C to control my gain settings on the Riverside. Each of them recall a preset on the Riverside and when I depress the preset it recalls my base Riverside preset (Stage 1). This remains the same on every bank. Each of these presets are set to flash when toggled and then reset each other when another selected. This all functions as expected except for when I bank up/down the Toggles are at a different state then the last bank.

So say I have Stage 3 (Preset B) engaged on Bank 3 and bank up to Bank 4, although I’m still at my Stage 3 (Bank 3, Preset B) setting, it appears that I’m at Stage 1 as no presets are flashing. The way I have to get back to Stage 1 is by pressing and depressing A, B or C.

My first thought is to use the new Midi command and have it engage my Stage 1 on the Riverside when I bank up/down. The only problem with that would be if I wanted to bank up for the next song but not cut my gain yet.

I know there is a way to now engage presets from any bank from a switch but if I’m understanding that correctly, it doesn’t do anything with toggles. It just seems to make it easier to edit one preset used one many banks and be able to recall that on other banks without having to update each bank…


No one?

Also, maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I set an engage toggle on entering a bank, it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve updated to 3.7.2 and made sure i’m not in edit mode.

Presets A, B, C on one bank is not able to really be tied to the same presets on another bank that I can think of.
You can use the Engage Preset action to affect changes on another preset on another bank and it will toggle the preset to an on or off state if you have that set up. But the only problem with this is that there is a limit of 2 Engage Preset actions that you can use on a preset. So you would be really limited on getting this to work on multiple banks like you want.
There is an option in global settings (Recall Toggle Settings I believe) so your toggles will stay in the state you left them if you leave a bank and return to it…or if turned off, all will reset when you leave the bank.
It just depends on your workflow or any way that you could change it up to find a way to accomplish what you want.

I honestly think the best current option for me is to have my bank changes engage my Stage 1 sound so I will be certain about what gain stage/state I’m at while entering a bank. I have it set to reset toggle state when leaving bank to minimize confusion as well. I bank up for each song and the only changes per bank are different delay reverb patches (program changes) and MIDI clock.

It would be nice to have a feature where you could assign up to 16 global presets (1 per button for the 2 pages) that keep their toggle state through every bank.

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