Toggle preset working opposite of the way I expect it to?

Please see screenshot:

what I expect from this is that the preset name will start in lowercase, then when I engage it, it will turn on the pedal with the PC message I specified and the preset name will be in caps and blinking, then another press will send a bypass message to the pedal and the name goes back to lowercase. How it actually works is the opposite way: when the preset name is blinking and in caps, the pedal has been bypassed. I hit it again, and the pedal turns on and the preset name is lowercase.

Clearly this is an easy fix, I just switch Pos 1 and Pos 2 to get the effect I want, but I’m just confused because it’s the opposite of the way I remember the toggle positions working last time I was programming my MC3. Am I overlooking something?

I think if you took away the first line (Toggle Preset) and just turned on Toggle Mode (next to Preset Blink On) it should work as you are wanting. First click will send Pos1 with the PC and the second click will send Pos2 with the CC. As programmed it will send the first line (Toggle Preset) first before either Pos so it’s toggling to Pos2 before trying to send the PC#