Toggle on MC8 to switch between two presets on ML10x goes into Position 2 first

From the MC8, I set a button to go between a low gain (position 1) and a high gain (position 2) presets of my gain pedals on the ML10x. Every time i go from another button to first press on this button on the MC8, it goes into Position 2 first. When I try swapping the position settings (low gain = 2 and high gain = 1), it goes into the Position 2 “correctly” first, but since I set up the Preset Blinking feature, I don’t want my low gain setting to be blinking (i.e I want the Hi Gain settings to be blinking). Is there a way to make it go into Position 1 first?

This also compounds an issue with how I set midi clock in first button press, but i’ll get to that one later. Thanks

Try the MSG Type ‘On First Engage’ , ‘Send Only This’ paired with the message to engage the low gain setting. Disable ‘Toggle Mode’ and programm a ‘Toggle Preset’ in both positions. Keep the rest of whatever you’ve had programmed.

It sounds like you just need to enable the ’ Clear Preset Toggles’ setting found under Bank Settings. Does that solve your problem?

Your suggestion of On First Engage was the beginning of the solution, but keeping toggle mode on still works. Just had to duplicate the Position 1 settings for regular press. Solved! But now my MIDI clock setting doesn’t work…:frowning: submitted a bug report for that

Yes, I already had this setting…unfortunately was not the solution.