TOGGLE MODE Unwanted Alterning Presets

Hello, I’m new here.

Here is a link of what Im trying to explain in this post

@Morningstar Engineering

In this video the toggle function is turned ON because I have two delays on the same switch. But the issue arises when I alternate from switch to switch. That’s why you can see that it alternates to different presets within the switches every time I change from switch A to switch B.

Because lets say that Im on switch “A preset 1” and then I press switch “B Preset 1”. If I go back to switch A its gonna automatically switch to “preset 2”…

In other words, I wanna go back to switch “A preset 1” without having to press switch A twice.

Ok, so lets say I am using a delay preset on switch A with toggle mode(I will call it delay 1) and its currently engage but I also have an alternative version on the same switch A as well(soft delay 2)disengaged. So I have two presets on the same switch.

At this point everything is good. I can alternate between the two presets(delays) when pressing switch A if I want

That is unless I change to another switch(ex. B switch) and then I wanna come back to switch A(delay 1). My previous preset changes and engages “Switch ‘A’ delay 2”.

I want to come back to the same effect but it alternates once I go back and forth. Is there anything I’m missing. Or maybe this MIDI controller does not have that capability

Thank You!

Take a look at the documentation for ‘Set Toggle’. You can use it on B to set the toggle disposition of A.

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Have you tried setting up either (1) Bank settings, turn on “Clear Preset Toggles On”, or (B) for each Preset A/B, set that switch to detoggle the other Preset B/A. (1) is generally less work to implement, but (B) is useful if you have 2 pedals that you are changing presets on (as you can create sub groups - e.g. A though D will cross toggle pedal 1, and E through H would cross toggle pedal 2).

Picture of (1):

Picture of (B) (in this bank D, H, L and P are set to jump to different banks and tap tempo, so they don’t need to be toggled):

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I appreciate your feedback brother. What I want to control are PC commands…

But Ill go as far as to say that I don’t think what I’m looking for is too complex. Maybe I’m one of the few who would really benefit from this feature.

Ok, so I have the MAKO D1(delay). The morningstar mc6 MK2 lets me have two effects on the same switch with toggle mode activated.

I just have to set: Switch A(or whatever switch I want)
Msg 1… Action: Press… Type: Program change …Pos:1
PC Num 0 MIDI 1

Msg 2… Action: Press… Type: Program change …Pos:2
PC Num 1 MIDI 1

And that’s how I get 2 effects on the same switch with 2 presses. Very simple.

Now, the problem with the “Clear Presets Toggles On” is that no matter where I go it will always default to whatever “Preset 1” is.

What I want is a mode where I can go back to the “Preset” I left off in whatever last switch I pressed.

Its like if a have a Delay on Pos: 1 and a Tremolo on Pos 2 on the same switch(ex. Switch A), it will alternate every time I press the switch. But If I go to another switch and then come back to Switch A, It will still alternate instead of remaining where I left it off.

So if you look at the video you’ll see what I’m talking about. I need the switches to not trigger to “default” or to the “next preset”. I need the switches to engage whatever preset I left before changing

I attached a Picture of what I want to control


I don’t think you can do this… the controller would need to “remember” toggle positions and automatically select them I guess. It’s smart, but…

Could you spread your PCs out across more switches maybe? I have a bank with presets on all buttons apart from F and L which send a Toggle Page command. So I can access 10 presets on my pedal(s) from one bank. Each preset is set to toggle / blink: 1) is engage preset 2) is bypass pedal