Toggle Mode PLUS Long Press, Double Tap Etc for 3rd Snapshot on HX Stomp

I’m using my new MC6 with an HX Stomp. I have presets on buttons A, B & C (acoustic sim, AC-30 & 2204 Marshall, respectively), and each preset has three snapshots (rhythm, solo and some other version). I mostly want to be able to go between two snapshots for rhythm & a solo, while occasionally using a 3rd snapshot. Is there a way to use toggle mode on a button to go between rhythm & solo settings, with the option of programming a long press, double-tap, etc. to access the 3rd version of a preset while being to return to toggle mode with a single press? I have tried that and it doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible.

This new feature in 3.9 might help, check it out:

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Thank you. I DID see that new feature in the 3.9 firmware video named Firmware 3.9 is HERE - Top 10 Features You Need to Know they posted on 11.04.21, but there was very little info on implementing the new feature. I’ll try playing around with that. Essentially what I’m trying to do is treat each preset like you would a 3-channel amp. I’d have three 3-channel amps set up on buttons A, B & C, but controlling each present with only one button. I suppose another option would be be to give up the 2nd row (D, E & F) and make those the 3rd channel of each amp (preset). Hopefully, Shift will do what I want. I know I can use Scroll, but I don’t what to have to go thru Snapshot #3 to get back to #1. Thanks again for the link.

Have a read of New Toggle Feature - Shift - #68 by jmenkinng onwards…. Seems if you afford to use a switch for shift / unshift (and add some messages to each preset) you might be able to achieve this? I’m a total n00b with Shift though!

I want to be able to use Toggle Mode but want it to default to POS 1 every time switching TO that preset. Does anyone know if that is possible? In other words, if I’m on preset set C and switch to preset B, I want preset B to go to default POS 1, vs toggling to the opposite of its last used POS.

I’ve tried “On First Engage” and that doesn’t seem to work. Attached is a screenshot of Bank 2, Button B. It is currently working with a Long Press to get to a 3rd snapshot, but I have to look down to see what toggle state Preset B was last in to figure what I’m going to get the next time I press button B.

I GOT IT TO WORK!! FINALLY!! The only bug I have, which may be unrelated is my POS 1 & POS 2 are reversed. Maybe that’s for another post.

See the screenshot. Here is how it reacts. The first press of a button engages the base postion (again #2 is bringing up POS 1 right now). If I press again it togges to the 2nd postion which gives me Snapshot #3 for soloing. If i Long Press I get Snapshot 2 which is for various other settings. By adding the On Disengage to Set Toggle with toggle Position = Dis-engage Toggle, THAT resets the preset so when I come BACK to that preset I get POS 1 (POS 2 in my case because they are reversed), but nonetheless I DO NOT get the opposite of the last toggle state when I left that preset.

Practical Application:
So, I know that whenever I go to Button A for Acoustic, Button B for the Matchless or Button C for the 2204 Marshall, the first press is in a rhythm preset and a 2nd press takes me to my Solo preset, which is louder and with more gain, etc. If I’m playing rhythm on the 2204 or Matchless or acoustic and want to go to a solo sound with the same preset I just need to click once. if I want to change to a different preset AND go to a solo setting, I have to press that button twice (once to change and once to togggle to a. Solo snapshot)

Good work. I would guess that your Pos 1 & 2 aren’t reversed (unless you’ve got a really weird edge bug but….) - just play around with the correlation between Pos 1 and Short Name, and Pos 2 and Toggle Name. There is method to it!