Toggle mode issue

It seems on my Toggle mode the toggle doesn’t change the program just the name. The second press then returns to the first toggle then the program changes are the toggle side.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks form the nube

can you give some details what you are trying to do? A screenshot of the preset would be helpful, too.

I am trying to switch between programs on the H90 on one preset on the MC6 Pro.

i.e. one will be one song while the two will be another.

Ok but your screenshot doesn’t show what you’ve programmed to control the H90!?
The messages I can see are set to ‘pos both’. Those will be send every time when you press the switch. Is that intentional?

Message 3 and 4 are set to ‘pos both’. If you want to toggle between the two messages you’ll have to
set message 3 to ‘pos 1’ and message 4 to ‘pos 2’

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Thanks, just got it working!