Toggle Function Setting

Hi Folks,

This toggle function is doing my head in. I’m stuck in a loop of sorts as a new user. It seems so simple…

I get toggling in a preset, very nice, however, when changing presets in a bank the preset I just left stays where it was toggled or I can change it to toggle disengage through various things on the bank or in a toggle preset message. When I go back to the first preset and press it toggles. Alternatively the names are wrong :-/

So with single press action only for each sequential change how to;
Preset A - First press Select preset name “Dry” - Second press Toggle Engaged Name “DryBoost”


Preset B - First press Select preset name “Wet” without toggling - Preset A changes to name “Dry” - Second press Toggle Engaged Name “WetBoost”.


Preset A - First press select the preset named “Dry” no toggling - Preset B changes to name “Wet” - Second press Toggle Engaged Name “DryBoost”

I rely on the collective wisdom of the group.


Would ‘Set Toggle’ help maybe? I don’t think there’s a “smart” way to do it ie a function that knows the state of a toggle for a preset, but set toggle looks like it might work if you always step through each switch in the same sequence?

Thanks Moley,

I’ve had a go with that one.

I have toggle set to off and using short and long press release to do pc commands. The press sets the “toggle” to the opposite of where I want it to be on release. Kind of like a toggle without the display name changing.

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Still no joy.

Now that I’ve got a bit of experience, simply, how do I stop toggle on the first press only when engaging the preset from another one in the same bank.