"Toggle CC" function (Release)" / blinkt, but not turned on at "Long Press"


Unfortunately with this setting in the picture, I keep the switch pressed for a “long time” (Long Press), it switches the bank down, but when I go back to the bank, I see that the other “Toggle CC” function “blinkt”.
The “Toggle CC” feature doesn’t turn on, it does not send a midi CC, only the MC8 “Toggle CC” preset “blinkt” as if it were turned on, but not turned on.
It’s also quite confusing.
How can i solve this?
I need the “save preset Toggle” because that’s how I see exactly which preset is on / off.

In your preset setting, when you trigger Long Press (bank down), it will cause the preset toggle as well. Since toggle mode is on, any action will cause the preset to toggle.

To get around this, you can turn off the Toggle Mode for the preset, and then add a “Toggle Preset” message mapped to a Release function, so only the Release function will toggle the preset.

Thank you!
I will try this.

Thanks again!
Working perfectly!