Toggle block on Stomp with MC6

I am using an MC6 to control my HX Stomp. Once I get to a preset on the Stomp, using MC6 buttons A-C, I’d like to use buttons D-F to toggle certain blocks on and off within the HX Stomp preset. For example, my Mod block in the Stomp is set to bypass with MIDI CC6. However, when I press the button on the MC6, sending a CC value of 0 on CC #6, the block will only turn off. I’d like to push button E once more to turn the block back on. How do I set up the MC6 and Stomp so that button E on the MC6 toggles the Mod bloc on and off with each successive push of button E?

Alternatively, what settings would I use to use the MC6 to emulate FS4 or FS5 to toggle on and off? Thanks so much!

Toggle is your friend here I think… have a read of - there’s an example screenshot that should help!

I appreciate the response. I tried toggle mode but it only worked to turn the block off. It wouldn’t turn it back on. I’ll try it again while we wait to see if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks!

Ah right… page 48 of the Stomp manual (I googled it, no idea if it’s the latest version!) says…

incoming CC values 0-63 turn the block off; values 64-127 turn the block on. Note that some MIDI CCs are reserved for global functions and cannot be selected (see “MIDI CC”).

So I guess here you’d send CC 6 value 127 to turn on (position one on the preset toggle) and CC 6 value 0 to turn off (position two on the preset toggle).

In fact…. The Stomp MUST be listed in MIDI Dictionary in the web editor…. Would guess that’s worth a look too?

Bingo! I must have just not read the manual closely enough. Thank you!

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Hi. These 2 videos will be useful to you if you haven’t already watched them!

Thanks so much, Brandon! There are a dizzying array of options available on the Stomp and the MC6, and it’s hard to decide which to implement first. Very, very helpful!

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