Tips on handling multiple Expression Messages

First time I’m expanding my Expression pedal to use for multiple parameters and was hoping to see how you all handle selecting expression messages. My main issue is going from controlling like a Volume (pedal at 100%) and then selecting the expression message for something like Reverb Mix. When I click to select the new expression message the Reverb Mix jumps to where the Expression pedal is currently.
Should I be disengaging a message then moving my pedal to about where I want and then selecting the other message? Just looking to see how all you smarter people are navigating this. Mainly seeing it as an issue for things like Reverb mix or delay feedback.

Hmm, I’ve never noticed that.
Depends on how you use it I’d say. You can set min/ max values in the expression message settings to avoid unwanted extreme behavior. I usually leave my pedal in toe down or heel down position because most of the time I do some volume adjustment or ramp ups etc. If you want to go to a specific value you are better off to simply send a CC via footswitch anyway.

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A while back there was thread that discussed remembering the last value for one or more devices and then use that to avoid jumps. IIRC, this could not be done on the then current (non-Pro) devices due to limited memory. Now that we have the MC6 Pro, perhaps that can come in a new update.

Two ways to avoid the jump are:

  • Catch-up: Do not change the value of the expression until the pedal is moved to the remembered value
  • Scaled: Initially change the value in proportion to the amount range remaining in the direction of travel.

Starting to see this feature in other devices. I suspect Morningstar will want to stay ahead.

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I’d only used expression to control Volume and Wah (no problem) but had an idea to ramp up a reverb decay or mix and just might need to rethink how I use it. Can’t be at full volume and then my reverb mix jump to 100% wet instantly when I click to select the new expression message. lol
Thinking more about it I may just utilize the Waveform Generators instead and leave the expression for Volume/Wah.

This!! Yeah I did stumble across that before posting but thought I’d see if anybody else had some suggestions in the meantime. Either of these examples would be perfect and maybe could even been a user setting. Definitely something I can get around in the mean time. Expect this may be lower on @james list of future features.

Expression implementation is not doing it for me.
The take up is one issue but I also find it tricky to do anything with multiple messages and come out the other side with the original values.
Eg. I like to ramp repeats, decay and mix on a TimeLine and BigSky on one preset
Then ramp drive and filters on a separate presets.
I’ve been getting a lot of mixed results.
The thing I can’t quite nail is stepping back out in one hit to the original values.
It’s easy if you have one preset for each unit, you can just resend the original but I’m try to use as a more global way, where I can manipulate the pedals after selecting their presets.
This possibly should be a new thread :thinking: :thinking: