Timeline ramp delay time

If I want MC6 to slowly oscillate delay time between two values like is happening in this video, Strymon TimeLine - Ice Delay Machine audio clips - YouTube

I would use waveform right? Any tips on how to program that in?

Incidentally what im trying to do is get a pitch to slowly oscillate up and down in pitch like trey anastasio does with the mod function on the DM2000, if anyone has any tricks to make that happen.

Yes, the waveform generator will work for this.

CC#3 controls the Time parameter in the Timeline, so it’ll look like this:

Then in your controller settings >> waveform generator, you’ll need to set the Engine 1 of your waveform generator to the desired min/max value and shape.

Thanks James! Is there any to have it go from a high cc value to a lower one?

Like from CC 60 down to CC 43?

Yes, that can be done with the Sawtooth Down waveform type: