Timeline (mostly) not reacting when connected to MC8 via Omniports

Hi there,
I ran into some space issues and thought I’d connect my timeline to one of the omniports so I habe the missing space that I lose when plugging a midi cable into the Midi In of the MC8. So basically I took a TRS-to-5pin-midi cable and connected the MC8s Omniport to the Timeline.

Strangely, no matter with what setting for the Omniport, the Timeline doesn’t react properly. First, it (obviously) only reacts when I set the Omniport to Midi Standard. The first few PC messages work fine, but after around three, four preset changes the TL doesn’t react anymore at all. After around one minute without hitting any button it scrolls through all chosen presets from one minute ago…

I tried the TL as the only device connected to the MC8 but get the same results. Is there anything wrong with the cable??? Do you need a specific TRS/Midi cable to make that work? The same cable works perfectly when I connect my Specular Tempus to the Omniport.


You’ll just need a 5 pin MIDI to TRS Type A cable. If it works with the Tempus then it should work with the Timeline. The MIDI standard setting is correct.

We’ve got a Timeline that we can test with later when I’m in office, but currently, I don’t see any difference between the Omniport and the 5 pin MIDI OUT - both do the same thing.

Can you share your bank settings in a json backup file that you are using to control the Timeline?

Hi Jason, thanks for your fast reply.
Yeah, that’s basically what’s kinda weird.

Here’s the json file
Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_TL Presets_20220114_094053.json (51.2 KB)

Thanks. How do I replicate the issue?

Ive loaded it into my MC8 and have it controlling my Timeline. I’m running the latest v3.9.7 firmware released today, and using Omniport 1 set to MIDI Out- Standard.

I’ve engaged the presets dozens of time and see the Timeline changing presets without any issues.

If you connect the Timeline directly to the MC8 5 pin out, are there any issues? Next, how about a different omniport?

Hi James, strangely enough, I tried to replicate it again…worked fine for the last minutes.
Even when I connected the ST on another Omniport. Will go through our set and see if it behaves normally or not! Thanks