Timeline + Bigsky issue

I’m a newb to MIDI, so go easy on me :slight_smile:

I have my MC3 set up like this :

Press A - Both pedals Bank Down
Press B - Both Bank Up
Press C - Both Toggle between Preset A and B of each pedal

I’m TRYING to set up a Double Tap C to access the Preset C on the BigSky. It does this, but when I Press C again, the TimeLine bypasses, and the BigSky goes back to it’s A preset.

What am I doing wrong here?


Can you share a screenshot of the editor settings for this preset? So I can see how you have programmed it

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Try changing all your “press” actions to “release” and that might help. Press gets sent always where as release doesn’t get sent when you double tap/long press (there’s double tap/long press releases for even more complex stuff).
I don’t have Strymon midi pedals but that should do it.

I’m not sure that’s the problem here. Double tap can Co-exist alongside press according to https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/181698574/Action+Glossary

@TLSingleton - can you post new screenshots? First set cropped the toggle message from screenshot 2. Or even better export that bank as json as post it here…

What’s your clear toggles setting for this bank - is it “on”?

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You’re using the footswitch CC messages in the Strymon MIDI implementation. So when you trigger a footswitch Up function, if the Timeline preset is turned on, it will turn off.

I think the main issue causing this is that the Toggle Mode function is turned on for the preset. If this is turned on, any action will trigger a toggle - double tap included, which I suspect is what you are not expecting. What you can do is turn off the Toggle mode on the preset, and that add a “Preset Toggle” message type with a press function, so that the preset will only toggle when you do a press function, and will remain the same when you do a double tap.

Add this as the last message in your preset.


Guess I misunderstood, thanks! This opens some things up for me actually hahaha

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Thanks so much! This seems to have got it fixed. Appreciate all the help