Timeline & Big Sky Preset Name Instead of Bank Name

Hey guys

Still a bit of newbie, so apologies if this has been addressed. I couldn’t find a thread, though.

So…my MC3 is controlling my Timeline and Big Sky. Bank Down = A , Bank Up = B , Toggle Preset inside the bank = C (for both pedals).

Is there a way for the pedals to display the next preset name INSTEAD of “Bank XX” ?


There isn’t a way for the MC3 to know what the presets are named in the Timeline and Bigsky, so that’s not possible. The only way would be to rename the banks on the MC3 to match that on your Timeline or Bigsky.

Thanks James

I’m more concerned with the screen display on the pedals themselves. So I’m realizing this is something that I’d need to adjust on the pedals (if that’s even possible).

But, naming the presets on the MC3 is an option for me. Thanks again!

It’s a setting in the globals menu on the strymon. I just had this problem myself.

Press and hold the ‘value’ encoder and then scroll to ‘names’ and then press the encoder to select ‘on’. Press and hold the value encoder to exit the menu and that’s it.

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