Timeline - Banking up and down

I have a MC6ii and want to be able to use one button for banking up on the TimeLine and another for banking down as per the functionality shown on this video with a DMC-3: -

As I understand it you have to send 4no CC messages to mimic the operation on the TimeLine itself: -

  1. CC80 Value 0 for A footswitch Press Down
  2. CC82 Value 0 for B footswitch Press Down
  3. CC80 Value 127 for A footswitch Press Up
  4. CC82 Value 127 for B footswitch Press Up

When I enter the above and save it - engaging the switch on the MC6 exhibits erratic behavior…it just doesn’t work as expected. Am I missing something?

Look in the list of midi types you can assign as an action to a footswitch, under the section Other Device Controls there are assignable actions for Strymon Bank Up and Strymon Bank Down.

I personally haven’t tried those actions because I call up the presets I need on my Strymons with program changes. But if they do work then it’s a very easy solution for you.

…well that was easy - I just didn’t scroll down far enough!
Many thanks for replying - much appreciated

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