Timeline and Expression Pedal

Hi, one question: is it possible to have an expression pedal on the MC8 and setup the expression parameters on the Timeline itself per preset (Not in the Morningstar Editor)?


Hi. Yes, you can. Just use CC #100 for your Expression CC message. Your expression pedal will then behave as if it is plugged directly into the Timeline and will be configurable per preset as mentioned on page 7 of the Timeline manual here: https://www.strymon.net/manuals/TimeLine_UserManual_REVF.pdf

Hi Brandon, awesome. Thanks for the reply! Will try this as soon as possible!:slight_smile:

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I use the Morningstar FX MC8 MIDI controller – with an expression pedal on Expression input 1, to control various parameters of the Timeline and Bigsky, and also the Mobius pedals.
The MC8 can send out both heel and toe CC expression messages, for several parameters at once, as well as a single CC EXPRESSION message with a sweep value range of 0-127.
Question: is it possible to turn the expression pedal control on and off, so that the current preset returns to its original values and parameters, after any adjustments?
E.g. cc expression message changes time value on pedal.
Then I want to revert back to the original value stored in the preset.
Is this possible?
Does this cc#100 setting do this!

Hi…. Have a read of [Uses & Ideas] Select Exp Message

That should give you the idea. Plus, if you update to 3.9.0 firmware there’s a killer new feature for CC “use value from exp pedal” which you can use to take the CC value from your exp pedal’s current position of that’s of use (probably not here, but I can see me using this for sure!)

I found another way to RESTORE the preset on the timeline, after changes caused by the expression pedal.
I also send out cc102 value 127 to make sure the reloaded preset is enabled.