Timefactor 1/2 and double speed with mc6

Ive been emailing eventide about this to no avail. Im hoping you might be able to help please.
Thanks in advance

I bought the MC6 to control three functions of eventide time factors looper.

  1. Reverse loop
  2. 1/2 speed loop
  3. Double speed loop

Ive managed to get the reverse and 1/2 speed working, but after a week and a half of trying still no luck with assigning double speed. Both devices are current updated software.

Would someone be able to help me with this?
Many thanks, I appreciate it.

Regards, Aaron Hopper

We have not used the Timefactor before but if you are able to control the first 2 functions, then the Double Speed should work as long as you are sending the correct assigned CC message? Unless there is a bug in the Timefactor which we can’t verify. But since the first 2 functions work, we can verify that the CC messages are being sent from the MC6 just fine - you might need to troubleshoot whats going wrong in the Timefactor

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I’ve done a lot of programming with the TF and my MC8, so I can probably help out here. How do you have the commands for reverse and half-speed set, and how have you been trying to get double-speed?

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Hi Scott and James thanks so much for you offers of help. Scott I couldn’t find a way to attach screen shots here so I’ll send them to the email you wrote me on.

Heres what Ive done, as you asked for.

TF reverse - (is working) (and back to normal direction with press of same switch)

msg 1 - action - press
type - control change
CC number 1
CC value 127
midi channel 1

TF 1/2 speed playback of loop (and back to normal speed with press of same switch) (is working)
msg 1 - action press
type - control change
CC number 2
CC value 127
midi channel 1

As for the double speed Ive tried on the advice of eventide setting a cc number 30 and then assigning a value of anywhere between 0 -127 but this affected my 1/2 speed turning it into double speed and could not be undone with another press on the same switch.

I’m basically trying to achieve what I used to do on my old DL4 which was capable of discreet 1/2, double and reverse functions/

Thanks for you help. I really appreciate you making contact.
Warm regards from Australia

Hi Aaron-

I’m a little confused by your description of what you’re trying to achieve. The DL-4 doesn’t have a separate double-speed option, as such - if you start recording in half-speed, then you can shift to “normal” speed and get your loop playing back at twice the speed you recorded it, but it’s not possible (as far as I know) to record a single loop at normal speed on the DL-4 and be able to access both half-speed and double-speed versions of that original loop. It sounds like you’ve got the speed controls on the TF already working the same way that the DL-4’s do, using the first two assignments that you described, so maybe the problem is in what you’re expecting to happen. (I can explain what’s happening with your current “double speed” setting and why it’s not working the way you expect, but it would take a rather lengthy discourse on the way the continuous Speed control on the TimeFactor is set up, and how it’s different from the OCT and SPD pedal functions that you can assign, and I’d prefer to spare both of us that effort if it’s not actually going to solve your problem.)

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HI Scott, I’ve ended up using CC 30 at various cc values and this is working for me very well and achieving everything I wanted it to. Thanks for your advice.
Regards, Aaron