Thoughts on the ML10X from an ex ES-8 user

Hey everyone,

I absolutely love my ML10X and MC8 board. It gives me a lot of flexibility and options to program and interact with my pedals, which I love. I used to have an ES-8 and got pretty used to its workflow.
Here’s a couple of things that I think could be improved with the ML10X specifically that I miss after switching over.

Ability to quickly reorder loops.
The ES-8 has a simple interface which lets you reorder loops with its left right arrow keys.
Something like this on the ML10X would be wonderful (for simple mode only of course).
The current way of setting the connections is a bit complicated and I somehow always seem to delete more connections than I want when trying to move a pedal.

Ability to set a split point.
On the ES-8 you can easily add a split point that splits the mono signal after a pedal into two paths. This made Wet-Dry rigs or different mono effects on each channel super easy and quick to do.
I know this is possible in advanced mode, but I want to keep the ability to turn ML10X loops on and off, when playing in situations for which I do not have presets programmed for…
Maybe a simple split option could be added to simple mode with a set behaviour for signal flow, similar to the ES-8?
I can see displaying this in an easy to understand way and making it easily programmable on the ML10X being a challenge. But if Boss can do it with their 2 row display, it should be possible on the ML10X as well :wink:

I always carry around my laptop and USB cables to be able to quickly program a new preset, but I would love to be able to quickly and easily do so right on my ML10X.