[This is not totally a feature request]Modular firmware for MCxx

A recent thread concerning a Real Time oriented feature suggestion bring me to this thinking.

Could it be possible to isolate features of MCxx firmware and aggregate some of them in a more user oriented firmware.
This is already the case for keyboard keys management : there are 2 firmwares, one with and another without.

Personnaly I am not interested in looper mode, waveform and sequence generators, I use other tools for this.
Not interested in any Clock management extension which could parasitize the way switches react to action and send their related midi messages.

So I would like to have a firmware based on :

  • Core features
  • 2x Counters management

but someone else could be interested in

  • Core features
  • Looper mode
  • Waveforms.

You see the idea.
This could allow a more suited to user usage of the MCxx CPU and memory ( being able to replace waveforms/sequences area by more counters).
More stable and easier to debug !!
Yes a ‘little’ more work to isolate the code and generate all the combinations of these blocks in a grid of firmwares but a more efficient code where only the needed features exist.