There is something wrong with the midi clock

Guys, just try a few more times
If I need to be faster than the current speed ,MIDI clock tap need more than four times,if tap it two or three times,The tempo is always much lower.
vice versa.

Currently the MIDI Clock tap tempo takes an average of 5 taps. We can reduce it to 4.

One thing to note as well, on my mc6 if i could use the same preset for tap tempo of the midi clock and press and hold for tuner (hx stomp) but on the mc6 pro i need to assign the press and hold to another button to be able to tap in tempos …. Not sure if this is a bug or not. It is not a deal breaker for me but something to note.

Can you share with me a screenshot of the editor showing the preset settings that did not work?

I am at work but i will try to do that when i get home!

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I’d prefer 3, max 4.

I’ve been meaning to post about the same issue with the MC8.

Can you make it so that the tap function resets after some number of seconds? As in, when the tap button is pressed, if the previous tap was more than a configurable number of seconds ago (default of, say, 5 seconds) then that new tap should be treated as the first tap in an attempt to set a new tempo, not averaged with previous taps from the previously set tempo.

Otherwise we have a situation where it is trying to take an average between taps that are fairly obviously not intended to be part of the same tempo.

I picked 5 seconds as a default cut-off because 5 seconds between taps equates to a tempo so slow that it’s basically unusable for the vast majority of live performances. But I think even 3 seconds would be plenty, because how often do performers need to go slower than 20bpm? In any case if it were user configurable then we could all set it however we prefer.

Agree very much!we need the tap function resets after 3 seconds!3 seconds enough!

Please! we need the tap function resets(not available now)! after 3 seconds enough! :grinning: :heartbeat:

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Yes, I agree there should be a reset after n seconds. We’ll look into it.

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