Theoretical question about stereo loop application

I’m on the waiting now for a unit, and while I wait I had a theoretical question to ask, I’m hoping @james can possibly weigh in if he has time.

I’m a stereo chorus junkie, which typically involves a mono input and stereo out. So if I had a chorus in loop A, I might wire the send tip to the chorus input and the chorus outputs to the return tip and ring, but then I’d be kinda wasting the send ring. It occurred to me that I might instead wire the send ring to another stereo chorus pedal (I have not shortage) and wire both sets of stereo outputs to the tip and ring of the return, then just select which chorus I wanted to use within the preset by only connecting one of the sends (either tip or ring) and connecting both returns to go left and right down the line from there. My question is how likely is this to create or add noise? I’m effectively passively connecting two separate signals to a single return, or rather two pairs of signals to a single pair of returns, and while the “inactive” effect won’t be receiving an input, there is likely still an active signal voltage on the output, depending on the pedal of course.


Hard to say really. Depends on the pedal. There might be a volume drop, or it might just work. I think the only way to find out out is to give it a go.

On the ML10X side, I think you can only use advanced mode for this?