The new MorningStar Pro Series

I was just about to get the MC6 until I saw the Pro series promo, any information on the release date and price?

There’s no set date now due to some parts shortage. We’re really hoping early next year, but cannot confirm as of now.

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Hej, James. Do things look brighter in maybe getting parts in the coming month?
I’m also wondering: will there be an MC8 Pro when the 6 Pro comes?

Sorry! no updates on this yet. We’ll release the MC6 Pro first, then look into developing a MC8 Pro. Nothing is being done for the MC8 Pro yet.

thank you :slight_smile: it’s helpful to know so I can make some decisions. I look forward to seeing the new stuff when it eventually comes, and I hope business is staying healthy until then :slight_smile:

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arrggghhhh!!! Whilst it won’t cause me to jump ship, I was really hoping the MC8 Pro would be about soon. MC6 Pro and the ML5X will be a formidable force.

Any chance the Pro series will have analog switch out? Like CV tap temp, switching or cv expression control to non-midi pedals?

I see that a new competitor has tap and switching (but no expression) out through their flexible ports.

I would love to be able to control expression to a couple of my non-midi pedals (like super ego+).