The ML10X is amazing

Just came here to share the ML10X is awesome and a definite upgrade on the ML5 (if you’re happy with fully buffered signal). I’m using it with a mixture of simple and advanced chains and both work amazingly.

I’m using the loops in mono and the output is A/B. Some paths run in parallel as well as simple straight signal paths.

It’s removed the need for a separate output buffer and A/B switcher - massive kudos to the Morningstar team!

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thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. We’re excited to learn how users are using this.

What’s the best way to share this with you? screen captures, pedalboard photos or text?

You could post your rig + screen shots of some of the presets you created so we (and others) can see how it is done. Thanks! :pray:

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@james I’ve noticed using the specific ML10X messaging along with sensitive midi receiving devices causes conflict with the sensitive midi device. I resolved the issue by slowing the messages to 2ms. The same issue does not occur when using PC or CC messages to the ML10X.

which “sensitive midi receiving devices” are you referring to? the ML10X messages are really just short SysEx messages so there shouldn’t be any issues with passing them through if it is a hard MIDI Thru port. If the device has issues passing them through then they probably are processing the incoming MIDI message first and are not able to process them fast enough which is why the 2ms delay helps

It’s actually an EVH 5150 III 6L6 50 watt MK2 amp that’s getting confused which is set to midi channel 1. The ML10X is channel 2, although that’s not relevant in this example.