The MC6Pro is recognized by the Midi Editor, but not by the Firmware Updater

I would like to install the latest firmware on my MC6Pro.
If I use the Midi Editor for the firmware update, the transfer to the MC6Pro aborts after a short time without success.
If I try the preferred method via the Firmware Updater, the device is not displayed.
The MC6Pro is recognized by the Midi Editor, but not by the Firmware Updater.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Firmware Updater Version 1.1.3
MC6Pro Firmware 3.12.2
Windows 10 Professional

It might be because it is connected to the Editor. If you close the browser and the firmware updater, and then just open the firmware updater, does it resolve the issue?

If not, can you try this version of the firmware updater software? Release Firmware Uploader v0.9.1 · Morningstar-Engineering/Firmware-Uploader · GitHub

Hi james

I have already tried to start the firmware updater alone without the Browser. Doesn’t work either.
I have downloaded v0.91.
The MC6Pro is recognized. Good!
But if I want to upload a hex file, the message “Device COM 5 not found” appears, although the MC6Pro does not create a virtual COM port.

Is the MC6P connected to a USB hub? If so, can you try connecting directly to the computer USB port instead?

No, its directly connected to my notebook

Any other ideas?
It can’t be that I can’t update my brand new MC6Pro to the latest firmware version.
What does MorningStar customer service say about this?
I look forward to your feedback.

As a last option, I unscrewed the base plate and pressed the tact switch. The update to version 3.12.6 then worked.
I hope that later updates will work normally via the software. I don’t like having to unscrew the MC6Pro for every new update.