Tap Tempo when tapping fast

Hey everyone,

I just received my MC6 PRO controller today and I’ve just restored all of my banks and presets from my old MC6. However, I’ve noticed that the MC6 PRO is not as responsive to quick taps as the old one.

In fact, it’s far below the old MC6 in terms of tap speed. I’ve tested it and found that the fastest tap speed I can get is around 210 bpm, while the old MC6 MKII could reach up to 250 bpm. (I’m tapping at a speed close to 400bpm)

Is this a known issue? Is there any optimization possible?

Thanks anyway

You’re fast. I can’t seem to tap in a BPM over about 80 on the Pro which is waaayyy slower than my other pedals are reading me. Not sure what the problem is…

I’ve noticed, that looper mode will f* up midi clock tap. Programming anything else with long tap or other action types on the same preset will mess things up, too

I have the same problem, with my MC8 I could do fast taps for fast choppy tremolo. With the MC6 Pro I get with luck as high as 200 something, with looper mode disabled (which is my preferred way of using the MC6 Pro). With looper mode engaged I can get between 210 and 280 but it’s quite random where I end up

Wondering if there has been any resolution here. I’ve got an Aux setup as tap tempo feeding my Boss DD-500. On the Boss DD-500 I’m easily able to tap in 500bpm…267 is the fastest I’ve ever been able to get my Aux tap tempo to go. Anybody have thoughts? I don’t have any kind of looper mode or anything like that going on…simple tap tempo. Thanks!

I’ve noticed this too but wondered if it was how i’d set up my MC6 Pro.

I have Tap Tempo (Midi Clock Tap) set up on Switch C with a regular Press action. Here i can get to about 160 bpm but no faster.
I also have a Long Press set up on C to take me to the Tap Menu instead. Once i’m in the Tap Menu, i can comfortably get to 250 or so on Switch A.

I wondered if it was because i had Press and Long Press set up on the same switch that i was confusing the unit but i’m new to Midi and still learning the ropes. Probably user error :innocent:

Welcome @adam_rush! I remember reading that a double tap delays the signal processing buy just a bit…I wonder if a similar thing applies to Long Presses.
Also, thanks for the intro to the Tap Menu…hadn’t been there yet. Also found out that is something you have to disconnect from the editor in order to utilize :man_facepalming:

There’s a routine that runs when a switch is pressed, and this will limit how fast you can accurately tap. If you go into the MIDI Clock Tap menu then there is no limit.

Is tapping 500bpm really feasible and accurate though?

@James - that’s totally fair, I can’t predictably tap in an insanely fast BPM. That said, I found that I used fast tapping quite a bit to create a ‘slapback’ type of delay on the fly.


Having the same issue. I get that tapping really fast isn’t super common, but I can do it with my Disaster Area MIDI controller just fine. The routine seems to take quite a while to complete (speaking in code execution terms) even in looper mode and when the preset does nothing but send one CC message on press. I couldn’t get MIDI clock tap to work any better, at least with the internal foot switch. I haven’t tried it using an Omniport. But I’d rather not have to.

In my experience once you get above ~150 or 160BPM you start to lose taps because the routine hasn’t finished when you tap again and your rhythm is thrown off. Would LOVE to see a fix for this! It’s the one thing keeping my other controller on my board.

Apart from that, kudos @james on making the greatest MIDI controller ever.

Happy to report that on 3.12 the tapping seems to be SO much better. It’s still not quite as responsive as my disaster area, but probably 90% of the way there and easily usable for anything except maybe tapping in a slap back which is super hard to do with your foot anyway. Man, this thing is incredible

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That’s a good news. I’ll update and try.

Thanks man.

Hi everyone,

Did you guys solved this problem? I’m experiencing the same issue and can’t figure out how to get rid of it. I can’t TAP tempo higher than 160 BPM (for faster tempo, the software starts to divide the value by two)…