Tap Tempo w/ HX stomp

I’m trying to have my HX Stomp at the start of my chain, followed by my Morningstar, followed by my Eventide H9, followed by Strymon Timeline. If I don’t have my HX Stomp hooked up then I can use my Morningstar to set the tap tempo for my Timeline and Eventide. If I hook up the HX Stomp (at the start) then the tap tempo from the HX stomp doesn’t control anything else, and the morningstar Tap Tempo no longer works either. Ideally i’ll be able to control the tap tempo of everything from the HX Stomp. I’m pretty sure that I have midi clock send enabled from the HX Stomp so i’m thinking there might be something I need to enable in the morningstar to have the clock go through. Any suggestions?

Check your global settings on the controller to make sure that MIDI Thru is ON and Ignore Incoming MIDI Clock is OFF.

If the MC6 is receiving an external MIDI clock (and if the Ignore MIDI clock setting in the controller settings is turned off), the external MIDI Clock takes precedence so the MC6 will not generate it’s own clock, which means using the MIDI Clock Tap function on the MC6 does not work.

If you want to pass the MIDI clock thru, MIDI Thru should be turned on and Ignore MIDI clock turned off