Tap tempo - MC6 Pro and Stomp XL

I’m wanting to use the MC6 Pro to control my pedalboard (HX Stomp XL, Strymon big sky and timeline, kernom ridge, MIDI modded POG2) with banks for songs and presets per song section. All working great so far.
Ideally I’d have the song BPM saved in the MC6 bank settings but then be able to use the tap tempo button on the Stomp XL be able to override/adjust this if the timing drifts. Is there a way to feed this into the MC6 somehow? I’d rather keep all the buttons on it for song sections and use the dedicated tap tempo function on the Stomp for this if needed.

turn off ‘midi clock persist’ in controller settings. If you send clock on entering a bank the clock will stop when you choose a preset (I believe, have not tested this)

Thanks - that’s helpful.
Some interesting findings.
My MIDI signal chain is MC6 Pro → HX Stomp XL → Big Sky → Timeline
With Midi clock persist turned off in controller settings and HX Stomp XL set to receive and transmit MIDI clock, if I set a tempo for bank (e.g. 74bpm) for that song, the clock from the MC6 Pro shows on its screen and updates the HX Stomp tempo (flashing blue signalling external clock) even if the Stomp tempo is wildly different.
However, the Timeline tempo isn’t updated to the MC6’s tempo until the first preset on the MC6 Pro is pressed (but interestingly not until then, even though I’ve set the Tempo to come on when entering the bank) until the Stomp tempo is updated. At that point the HX Stomp reverts to its own different tempo (flashing red) but the tempo from the MC6 is now transmitted to the Timeline.
If I now tap in a new tempo on the HX Stomp, this is now transmitted to the Timeline.
Somewhat confused by this. It actually works fine in terms of tempo requirements for me, but is confusing because the HX Stomp isn’t behaving as I’d expect.